Project Management, Design, Construction Management

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Cost Estimates
  • Business Plans for Fund Raising and Financing
  • Assembly of the Team to Execute
  • Value Engineering of the Product
  • Zoning Applications, Site Planning, Detailed Design
  • Liaison with City and Regional Governments
  • Progress Reporting Monthly to the Owner
  • Financial Reporting Monthly
  • Management of the Project Team
  • Advice throughout the process to minimize costs while maximizing quality

In today’s world it is important to understand the various processes and people involved in achieving a successful outcome.  Our firm has years of successful experience in delivering numerous capital projects on time and budget.  We are equipped by our professional training and experience in both Business and Construction to ensure Financiers, Funders and Clients succeed.  As Managers, our role is unique in that we represent the interests of the Owner in dealing with the Public, Government, the Architect, Engineers, Planners and Contractors.

The Gardens by Maranatha

The Gardens is a 148 unit apartment building for Seniors in Burlington that includes underground parking and amenity areas.

Linden Woods

Linden Woods is a small infill project within an established neighbourhood in Burlington consisting of eight semi-detached homes geared to retirees.