Engineering Design

We have engineering expertise from both the public and private sector and can assess many considerations to ensure the municipality and the public are well served while working in partnership with clients.

Storm Water Management (SWM)

Redeemer University College Expansion

Analysis and design of sanitary drainage, pump station, force-main and SWM pond.

Westbury Business Park 1 Phase 1

Westbury Business Park 1 has two office towers with 175,000 square feet of “Class A” office space. This SWM pond facilitated pedestrian movement between two parking lots.

Municipal Engineering

Anson Dr., Miller Dr., Roselawn Ave., Garden Ave. Watermain Replacement

Watermain was replaced in an existing neighbourhood with rural ditch sections. Care was taken to minimize disturbance to the existing neighbourhood.

Appleby Line, Appleby Place, Birrett Dr. Watermain Replacement – City of Burlington

The watermain along Appleby Line was replaced from Spruce Ave. to through Appleby Place. This project involved threading the watermain along the arterial road while preserving the dominate existing vegetation.

Bettina Ave, City of Hamilton

Bettina Ave. sanitary, storm sewer and water-main replacement and road reconstruction. The sewer was jack and bored under Lawrence Ave. to save the client from costly restorations to retaining wall and the pedestrian staircase. Custom poured in place manholes attached the sewer to the existing trunk main.

Burloak Dr. Watermain – Ministry of Natural Resources

Watermain construction over the Enbridge Oil Pipeline reveals contaminated soil. van der Woerd & Associates Ltd is working with Enbridge and the Region of Halton to rehabilitate and provide safe drinking water to residents.

Coronation Ave., Mayhurst Ave., and Parkdale Ave. S. Reconstruction – City of Hamilton

Combined sewers were separated to alleviate flooding and overflow in the sanitary system. Road grading issues were resolved.

Detailed Design Standards. – City of Hamilton

van der Woerd Associates worked in conjunction with City Staff to create the detailed design standards for the new City of Hamilton.

East 13th St., Inchlee Dr., Alderney Ave., East 16th St. – City of Hamilton

Replacement of watermain, sewer repair and new storm sewers. The roads were reconstructed.

Grenadier Dr., Barnett Ct., Camiell Ct., and Wise Ct. – City of Hamilton

Sanitary, storm sewers and watermain were replaced in a bedrock excavation. Custom manholes were placed and the road was reconstructed.

Hardale Cres., Shirley St., Percy Ct., Road Reconstruction, Watermain Replacement and Sewer Repairs. – City of Hamilton

The design of this contract enabled the contractor to connect to existing commercial areas and a school without service interruption.

Peer Review – City of Burlington

Work overflow support was provided to the City by reviewing drawing submissions for subdivision engineering and providing comments.

Rosseau Rd. and Lydia St. – City of Hamilton

Watermain replacement and road reconstruction.

Sanitary Sewer Study (SANSYS) – Town of Lincoln

Using the SANSYS software provided by the Town of Lincoln, an analysis on the infrastructure was performed.

Upper Middle Rd. Feasibility Study – City of Burlington

A feasibility study of a proposed development to determine the cost of servicing for the City of Burlington.

Land Development

Fairfield Gardens

The Fairfield Gardens site was an infill development of ten luxury single family homes with a parkette in a premier area of Aldershot . The homes were developed to match the character of the existing older neighbourhood.

Fernhill School

The Fernhill School is an independent elementary school of 32,000 square feet located near a pristine valley. This large site, presented unique challenges with full urban services, road access across the ravine and storm water management.

Oaklands Green

A high density development with underground parking in a existing neighbourhood provided logistical challenges for construction. The outcome was an upscale condominium project with plenty of greenspace and amenities.

Old Paisley Estates

van der Woerd & Associates dealt successfully with the sensitive environmental constraints regarding stormwater and groundwater within the Oak Ridges Moraine.

River Run Subdivision

River Run Subdivision is a seven lot prestige residential subdivision on the banks of Bronte Creek in Burlington.

Simcoe Erie Insurance Company

The Simcoe Erie Insurance Company Building is a 100,000 square foot office building on 45 acres of land near the Q.E.W.. Site grading was a challenge due to elevation differences from north to south and the need for a large flat area for the building.


Burloak Drive Reconstruction – City of Burlington

van der Woerd Associates reconstructed an old road within an existing neighbourhood where preservation of trees and bank stability were critical issues.

Dryden Ave. Extension – City of Burlington

Preliminary Engineering and Planning design for the extension of Dryden Ave. in Burlington. The road and culvert crossing were designed to accommodate 100 year storm levels.

Kitty Murray Lane Road Construction and Intersection Improvements. – City of Hamilton

Extension of an existing road with the installation of storm, sanitary sewers and watermain. Garner Rd. E. was widened to accommodate the increased traffic flow and the intersection was improved. The project included a Round-a-bout at the west entrance to Redeemer University College and services along that entrance into the property.

Old Paisley Mews Reconstruction – Airport Rd Intersection Improvements – Town of Caledon, Region of Peel

Sanitary sewer and road re-construction included the widening of Airport road and additional turning lanes.